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Salina Dei Monaci

Only 15 minutes by car

It is a sandy valley with specific physic and biological characteristics and a former source of natural economic resources. Salina dei Monaci, belonging to the town of Manduria, is located near the area of sea dunes, and it is linked to the sea by a narrow channel dug in the cliff. The Salina (Saline) has always caught the interest of people coming from the surrounding areas to collect the salt for their activities and needs, leading sometimes to disputes. During the sea storms this depression became completely covered in sea water, so offering to its inhabitants this “white gold” (the salt), very precious for the population. The collection happened twice a year. The Saline is a perfect place for birding. Different kinds of migratory birds cross this area, such as: pink flamingos, wild ducks, swans, purple herons and great white egrets.

Salina Dei Monaci
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