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Cuturi Wood

The "Cuturi" Forest is part of the "Riserve Naturali Regionali del Litorale Tarantino Orientale" ( Regional Natural Reserves of the Estern Tarantino Coast ). It spreads over 35 hectares and it is situated at about 80 meters above the sea level.
This dense forest of thousands of hectares is all that remains, in the countryside of Manduria. The natural vegetation called " Foresta Oritana" ( Oritana Forest) or " Bosco dell' Arneo" ( Woodland of Arneo) in the past, as reported by documents of the sixteenth century, covered much of the
Right inside, two areas of archaeological interest have been identified: one on the eastern border, the other on the north-east and precisely between the boundary wall and the provincial road to Saint Peter in Bevagna; in both have been found crypts dug into the rock and probably dating back to the Massapian period.

Bosco Cuturi
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